Edington Station Yard

EDINGTON STATION YARD LTD – ASSISTANCE FOR TENANTS In light of the very uncertain economic situation resulting from the Coronavirus, and in keeping with the principles of a community owned business, Edington Station Yard Ltd has offered a short term rent holiday to all their tenants to help them weather the present crisis. The tenants are largely local community people employing local staff, so there is a strong community spirit at work here.. The company offers all their occupiers, contractors and professional advisers very best wishes through this difficult period.

In the early 1990’s a series of events occurred at the Edington Station Yard — the departure of the previous owner and the threat of unsuitable use of the site by a solvent cleaning company—which galvanised a group of local people to purchase the land for a small trading estate. In 1993 the Company was incorporated and 25 years later it is flourishing and celebrating its anniversary. The majority of the buildings there at that time were unsuitable for commercial letting and the site needed a general tidy up and removal of rubbish left behind. 25 years later there are 22 units on the old Station site employing about 50 people and undertaking a wide range of activities. A new entrance to the road was created to allow safer access. At the western end a new large unit was constructed and an estate road laid and new water and sewage facilities installed. Additionally all the electricity and telephone lines were placed underground and all the units have been reroofed and double glazing fitted to most of them. When the Company was formed, one of its aims was to give financial support to local organisations and charities. Since no profits were made for the first 5 years of operation and very limited ones for the next 4, it is now very satisfactory indeed to record that over the following 16 years £25,000 has been given away. Most notable of these is our yearly grant to Bratton and Great Cheverell Primary Schools for the provision and enhancement of musical education for their pupils. With good management by the directors and the support of the shareholders, plus the professional expertise of our agent and accountant, the business has achieved considerable success. However for this happy state of affairs to continue there is a constant need to plan for succession at board level, from which to find suitable volunteers to act as chairman, managing director and treasurer. If there is anyone who feels they would like to be part of and buy in to this community enterprise and volunteer, please contact

John Pepler – Chairman. Tel 01225 811344

Eric Mitchell – Managing Director. Tel 01380 830582

Property lettings are arranged through our agents – Carter Jonas.



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