Four Villages Link



The Four Villages LINK is a befriending and support scheme staffed by a team of local volunteers and led by a committee who oversee the general running of the service.   We offer support in a practical and caring way to those who need some help.   LINK supports and complements local health and social services but operates at a far more personal level.  All our volunteers are DBS checked and carry identity badges.


How Does The Service Work?

If you need help you just need to call us!  Our LINK co-ordinators are happy to receive enquiries from people personally, or on their behalf, from relatives, friends, doctors, nurses or social workers.  Our co-ordinator will log your request and find a volunteer to help you.


Who Can Use The Service?

Anyone who requires assistance regardless of age or circumstances.
What Help Do We Offer?

  • organising transport to and from medical appointments including hospitals in Bath & Salisbury
  • carrying out small simple jobs around the house that do not require the services of a specialist tradesman
  • befriending
  • shopping
  • occasional dog walking or gardening
  • resolving basic computer issues
  • we also have two wheelchairs that can be loaned out for an extended period of time

How Do You Get Help?

Just call us on 07852-256939 between 9am – 6pm Monday to Friday and one of our duty coordinators will log your request and find a volunteer to help you.  All calls are charged at mobile rates.  As responding to requests can be demanding it helps us to receive plenty of notice when being asked to organise assistance, ideally not less than 48 hours in advance.   However, please note that any messages left on the telephone over the weekend or on a public holiday will be actioned and/or responded to on the next working day.


What Does It Cost?

The Four Villages LINK scheme is a registered charity and is self-financing.  There is no charge for our services but we are always grateful for donations from those we are able to help.  It is these donations that we look to in order to meet our annual running costs.


LINK volunteers claim an allowance for mileage and any out-of-pocket expenses.  Any unclaimed portion of the allowance can be used to claim Gift Aid.


Want help?  Just call us on 07852-256939


Becoming a LINK Volunteer

We are always keen to hear from local people who are willing to become LINK good neighbour volunteers.  There is a range of ways in which you could become involved – as a volunteer driver, helping with befriending, serving on the committee or helping with fund raising.


Being a LINK volunteer can give you a new interest and make good use of your skills and experience.  At the same time you will make a valuable and much appreciated contribution to our local community.


If you are interested in knowing more about volunteering for the LINK please telephone



Registered Charity No: 1064923