Edington Parish Council have put together a package to assist those members of the community who may be affected by the coronavirus. You should have received a letter from the Parish Council outlining what we are doing, this includes a request for volunteers and a phone number for anyone seeking help. We can provide assistance with shopping, collecting and delivering prescriptions, collecting newspapers (voucher holders only), dog walking etc. in line with the latest government advice on social distancing to keep everyone safe.

For the latest information about the virus and the measures being taken please go to one of the websites below.



Wiltshire Council

Guidance on Social Distancing

Latest government advice

Wiltshire Police


The Parish Council are looking for volunteers to help those who are affected by the current problem, if you are able to help please sign up using this link.


Keep up to date with the latest village news by looking at the village twitter feed.

Latest news:-

Tuesday 31st March 2020

The Parish Council meeting scheduled for Monday 6th April 2020 has been cancelled and the Annual Parish Meeting scheduled for Monday 27th April has been postponed, a new date will be announced later in the year.

Message from Wiltshire Council

We have set up a designated Wiltshire Wellbeing Hub specifically for our most vulnerable residents to receive support and guidance during COVID-19.   The phoneline number is 0300 003 4576 and will be open from Saturday 27 March for the duration of the pandemic. We will be publicising this number through council, partner and media channels.

Saturday 28th March 2020


In light of the very uncertain economic situation resulting from the Coronavirus, and in keeping with the principles of a community owned business, Edington Station Yard Ltd has offered a short term rent holiday to all their tenants to help them weather the present crisis. The tenants are largely local community people employing local staff, so there is a strong community spirit at work here. The company offers all their occupiers, contractors and professional advisers very best wishes through this difficult period.

Friday 27th March update

Following the unfortunate closure of the Edington Farm Shop we are now offering a newspaper delivery service for anyone in the village who normally obtains their newspaper with vouchers, unfortunately we cannot handle cash payments. We have arranged with Bratton shop to collect them from there and then deliver them around the village, if you would like to join this scheme please ring the village hotline 07933 143021.

Village hotline has now received 10 calls since it was setup.

Friday 27 March 2020

Edington Farm Shop will close at 6pm this evening until further notice as they are unable to get supplies.  Thank you for supporting them and them supporting the village.

Wednesday 25th March 2020

A couple of messages today. Firstly from Lynn our postie, can you please try and leave your front gate open to avoid her having to touch it and possibly spreading any germs. She does wear gloves but wants to minimise any risk.

Secondly – use of the playfield.




This means no groups and individuals must ensure that they remain 2 metres from other people walking through the area.

Notices have been put up on all of the entrances to the playfield, please help us all to stay safe.

Monday 23 March 2020

We have now had 50 people volunteer to help others in the village, we are getting close to 10% of the village offering asisitance to others, thank you to all those who have volunteered and it is not too late for others to volunteer as well.

To date we have had 3 requests for assistance. Have you checked on your neighbours today?

You may have seen the rainbows around the village? The children are trying to brighten up the village with their drawings and you can also see them on the website.

Thank you Debs for organising this.

Don’t forget the farm shop is now open from 9am to 9pm selling a selection of groceries and ready meals to be collected or delivered. (See Friday’s update below for the details)

Chase the rainbows

Poster created by villager Arthur Albano, age 9.

Villagers radiate rainbows in a window near you 🌈!

It’s contagious, bright rainbows have been popping up in the windows of Edington homes. And we’re hoping the number of these beautifully infectious rainbows will increase, as more and more people in Edington, of all ages, create their own rainbows. 🌈.
How many creative, colourful interpretations of rainbows will you see, as you drive through Edington or go on an isolated walk? Remember, as you go rainbow hunting, to follow guidelines on social distancing.
For those of you who can’t leave your homes to go rainbow spotting, please enjoy these creations, sent in by local families, to our very own website window.
It all started in the village as purely a ripple. An Edington Mum posted details of a growing ‘rainbow spotting’ movement on Facebook, to a local messaging group. And their kids, faced with no school on Monday, and the prospect of not seeing their friends for a while, immediately got busy!
There has been a sharing frenzy of pictures and positivity on the friendship group. All punctuated with what is fast becoming their symbol of support for one another – you guessed it – the rainbow emoji 🌈!
Look forward to seeing your own rainbow, in a window near us, soon! 🌈

See more pictures here as they arrive.

Saturday 21 March 2020

The farm shop are now providing a cooked meal service from 12 noon until 9pm. You can ring 01380 830940 and place your order, pay over the phone and then collect it or they will deliver (within 5 miles).

 Menu available here.

Why not support our local shop as they are supporting us.

Friday 20 March 2020 further update

The Three Daggers farm shop will continue to support the community and will continue to provide fresh and chilled essentials. The shop is also launching a zero-contact takeaway, collection and delivery (within 5 miles) service featuring grocery essentials as well as cook at home meals, freshly made pizzas, home brewed beer and a selection of wines and spirits. All takeawy orders need to be pre-booked by calling 01380 830940.


A Safer Edington
Edington Parish Council is committed to developing a strategy for ‘A Safer Edington’ to enable villagers to feel more confident when moving around the village. This will take the form of a number of initiatives in partnership with Wiltshire Council and also with other parish councils and Westbury Town Council about the whole of the B3098. Find out more about the work being undertaken by Edington Parish Council and Wiltshire Council here.


UPDATE 10 March 2020 A Speed Indicator Device (SID) has now been set up near the farm shop and has already found some drivers exceeding the speed limit. In the first 72 hours of operation one driver was recorded passing through at 58.2 mph. The Parish Council are hoping to have Community Speed Watch up and running again in the near future as a further deterrent to individuals who have no regard to the safety of other road users.




UPDATE 24 January 2020 Following a meeting of the Westbury Area Transport Group we have secured the funding for the positioning of “No HGV” signs around the village on the roads leading to Edington Station Yard, this will hopefully reduce significantly the damage to the bank in Monastery Road on the bend.  Also at this meeting our bid to secure funding for the introduction of 20mph limit on many of the village roads was approved and this will now enable the Parish Council to work with Wiltshire Highways in introducing them within the next eighteen months as long it gets approval from Wiltshire Council.

Why not volunteer for Edington Community Speedwatch, contact us here

Edington is situated on the northern escarpment of Salisbury Plain.  It is an historically renowned village mentioned in the Domesday book and famous for being the location of the Battle of Edington in 878 AD between King Alfred and the Danes.Welcome to the Edington village website.  We aim to provide both residents and visitors to the village with all of the information they may require.

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The village contains a superb 14th Century Priory Church and the recently refurbished and renovated “Three Daggers” Public House as well as a number of picturesque houses. It is surrounded by very attractive countryside which offers an excellent variety of footpaths, many of which offer spectacular views from Salisbury Plain. The well-known Edington Music Festival is held annually in the Church., BBC television included a programme on the 50thanniversary of the Music Festival in its series “A Passion for Churches” which was transmitted on BBC2 in April 2006. Edington was the joint winner of the “Village of the Year” competition in 1999.  The judges were particularly impressed with the community spirit as evidenced by the wide range of events and activities. Many of these have continued to the present day; these include The Jazz Festival, The Summer Ball, The Village Fair & Evening Party, and the Flower and Produce Show.

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