Playfield improvements

For some time now there has been an issue with customers of the Three Daggers complex having to park in the road due to the small number of parking spaces within the site. To address this issue the Three Daggers have been working to acquire more land on which could be built an enlarged car park.

Following lengthy negotiations Three Daggers Operating Ltd. are looking to purchase part of the field to the north of the existing play field. In negotiation with the Edington Parish Council they would undertake a land swap for part of the existing play field to become part of the new car parking area and in return the Parish Council would be given part of the land to be acquired to the north of the existing field. The exact details can be seen on the attached map.

The Parish Council at a meeting in August agreed to study the proposals in detail with a view to agreeing the deal if it was felt that it was to the benefit of the village.

The following points were identified as reasons why the deal should be considered.

  • The enlarged car park would remove a significant problem with vehicles parking on the B3098.
  • The new field would be approximately 500 square metres larger than the existing field. All of the new play field would be owned by Edington Parish Council.
  • As part of the deal the Three Daggers Operating Ltd.have agreed to take over the maintenance of the new field at no cost to the Parish Council.
  • All costs incurred in the selling and purchasing of the land would be covered by Three Daggers Operating Ltd.
  • Any play equipment that needs to be moved as part of the arrangement would be moved by the contractors employed by the Three Daggers Operating Ltd. at no cost to the Parish Council.
  • Any play equipment deemed to be either unsuitable to move or no longer suitable for the field will be replaced by the Three Daggers Operating Ltd. for equipment identified as being desirable by the Parish Council within an agreed budget.
  • At no point will there be any cost to the Parish Council apart from charges incurred in ensuring that the Parish Council have undertaken their statutory requirements relating to the sale and purchase of a village asset owned by the Parish Council.
  • The Edington Parish Council will work with the representative of Three Daggers Operating Ltd. to ensure that all work is carried out to the Parish Council’s satisfaction.

The proposal will be outlined at the next meeting of the Edington Parish Council on Monday 13 September at 7.30pm when members of the public will be invited to attend and raise any questions. Following the presentation and the question and answer session the Edington Parish Council will then hold their regular meeting when they will make a decision as to whether they wish to proceed with the deal.

John Pollard

Chair Edington Parish Council

Please note, to comply with current Covid rules please notify the Clerk to Edington Parish Council at least 48 hours in advance of the meeting of your wish to attend and also if you wish to speak at the meeting.

At present it is planned that the meeting will be held in the Edington Parish Hall, however should the number of people wishing to attend be greater than the safe number allowed in the Parish Hall under Covid rules we will find an alternative venue. Details of the alternative venue will be published on the village website at least 24 hours before the meeting.

As advised by the Government we request that everyone wears a face covering unless exempt, this is for everyone’s safety.

Proposed site plan for playfield

Statement about the proposal from Three Daggers Operating Ltd


Additional statement form Edington Parish Council – 9 September 2021