The Parish Council wishes to reassure you that it is careful with any data it receives from you. Its Privacy Policy is quite simple and based on confidentiality.
The Parish Council receives letters, phone calls and emails from people and organisations in relation to Parish matters or for consideration at Parish Council meetings. The personal information they may contain e.g name, address, phone numbers and email addresses will not be divulged to a 3rd party without the consent of the individual concerned other than for the purpose of dealing with them.
The Parish Council does not have a data base and deals only with matters that under statute it has power to deal with for the benefit of the Village. It has to be registered because the very fact of receiving letters, making notes of phone calls and receiving emails amounts to processing under GDPR.
The Clerk on behalf of the Council maintains a correspondence file which runs on a yearly basis from April to the following March each year. This file would be destroyed as a matter of course after 6 years.
If anyone feels that the Parish Council is holding personal information on them, please contact the Clerk to discuss if that is the case and what should be done about it.  
Edington Parish Council is registered at the Information Commissioners Office as a ‘Provider of council services’; Registration reference A8226312