Bell Ringers

Who are we?

We are a group of all ages and varying abilities. We enjoy our pastime and are enthusiastic about keeping the heritage of church bell ringing alive.   Not all the members ring regularly and not all are churchgoers but we try to ensure that the bells are rung for three quarters of an hour before all 9.30am. and 11am. morning services.  We also ring for weddings, the Remembrance Day service and on other significant occasions.

In September 2003 we joined forces with our sister church, Bratton, so that we could enable our more proficient members to progress more rapidly, as well as continue to encourage new and existing members to learn at their own pace.

In 2008 Erlestoke Church bells were repaired and we were able to ring on all three sets of bells which allows us to experience the ‘feel’ of different towers. However Erlestoke bells now needs some major maintenance and they have not been rung since 2019

In 2020 the Edington bells had much needed major maintenance which was carried out by Mathew Higby & Co Ltd on all ten bells. Likewise in 2021 the Bratton bells were removed and sent to Nicholson Engineering Ltd in Bridport for necessary major maintenance and retuning.

Dusty Millier, our Benefice towers captain, leads us in our Tuesday night practice (7.00 – 9.00 pm.).   The ringing at practices and for services is tailored to the proficiency of the ringers attending.

Come and join us, we would be delighted to invite you if you are already a ringer or if you have never rung and would like to ‘have a go’, or learn in earnest, then we would be pleased to welcome you.  It does not require much strength so teenagers and older all qualify as potential candidates.  For some of us, the most tiring bit is climbing the stairs of the bell tower!

Facts about the bells

There are ten bells in Edington Priory Church; five of which came from St Giles at Imber on Salisbury Plain.  The treble weighs 4cwt. 3qr. 24lbs. and the tenor 24cwt. Oqr. 24lbs.  All have inscriptions on them.

The Benefice has another ringable tower with six bells (the tenor of which weighs 25 cwt.) at its Bratton Church.  Erlestoke Church has six bells but these have deteriorated and are not ringable at present.

 If you would like to come and meet us, look round the tower or watch us ringing please contact:

Tower Captain                              Treasurer

Dusty” Millier                                      John Richardson

Tel: 01380 830696                            Tel: 01380 830902