A Safer Edington

Edington Parish Council is committed to developing a strategy for ‘A Safer Edington’ to enable villagers to feel more confident when moving around the village. This will take the form of a number of initiatives in partnership with Wiltshire Council and also with other parish councils and Westbury Town Council about the whole of the B3098.

Wiltshire Council have already agreed to:-

1) Undertake a Speed review throughout the whole length of the B3098.

2) Add new white lining on both sides of the road within the village.

3) Look at providing improved signage within the village and at entrances and exits to the village.


Edington Parish Council will also:-

  • Look at the possibility of installing a speed indicator device to alert drivers to excessive speed and thereby reduce the speed of traffic. Grant obtained and should be in use by March 2020.
  • Continue to improve the footpath network by replacing old stiles with ‘kissing gates’, this should be completed by the end of the year. – ongoing, awaiting further work by Wiltshire Council
  • Liaise with landowners to ensure public paths are kept open throughout the year.


Target dates for implementation of the proposals:-

End of 2019 – improved signage of the 30 mph limit on the B3098 including more road markings – Awaiting the painting of the lines completion early 2020

Early 2020 – Speed Indictor Device installed at various locations within the village. –– Implemented by March 2020

Summer 2020 – introduction of 20 mph limits on roads to the north of the B3098

End of 2020 – measures in place to reduce the number of HGV’s travelling through the village. – inital planning now being undertaken by Wiltshire Highways

All of these dates are dependant upon approval from Wiltshire Council and sufficient funding being in place for the schemes to be implemented.

In order to achieve the council’s objectives we do need engagement and involvement of the village.

Examples of where you can help are:-

  • Noting examples of speeding traffic and reporting them here.
  • Noting inappropriate HGV traffic e.g. car transporter, shipping line container lorries and reporting them here.
  • If you have specific concerns and direct experience with examples which can add to the evidence being collected please record these here.