Statement re the playfield to Edington village

Edington Parish Council

June 2024

Edington Parish Council are pleased to announce that after lengthy negotiations they have agreed in principle with Grassy Creek, the parent company of the Three Daggers, to undertake a partial land swap of the existing playfield and as part of the agreement the village will be given a Multi Use Games Area (Muga) on part of the newly acquired piece of land.

Throughout the negotiations it has been agreed that no cost for this project will fall on the parish council and the residents of Edington, all costs being borne by Grassy Creek.

The existing playfield will be divided and the western half along with a small strip adjacent to the existing Three Daggers property will be transferred to Grassy Creek to enable them to gain access to a part of the field to the north of the existing playfield on which they will build a car park. The strip of land adjacent to the existing Three Daggers property will be used to extend their existing beer garden. The parish council on behalf of the village will acquire the eastern half of this new field, an area slightly larger than the land they are giving up and on this will be built the Muga and a new grass area. The existing play equipment will be moved within the existing playfield to accommodate these changes and all of the pieces will remain in the ownership of the village.

From the outset the parish council have worked with Grassy Creek to ensure that the facilities acquired will be of benefit to the village with little or no detriment to the residents of surrounding properties and to that end we feel that we have achieved our goal.

The entire project will now be handed over to our respective legal teams to draw up the relevant documents and a planning application will in due course be submitted to Wiltshire Council for a change of use to the northern field and the construction of a car park, Muga and playfield.

More details can be found on the village website at

John Pollard

Chair Edington Parish Council