Edington & District Gardening Club – First Thursday in the month Parish Hall, from 7.00pm

At the May meeting we had a very interesting talk from Lynda Warren, all about sowing, growing, harvesting, and preserving of herbs. Her enthusiasm kept us interested and amused.

In the spring, sow using 75% peat free compost and 25% washed horticultural grit, and prune rosemary, sage, bay, and hyssop. In the summer plant out seedlings, dead head to prolong the harvesting, prune lavender and thyme, feed once a week with liquid seaweed. In the Autumn cut back plants to retain the shape, protect from frost. In the winter cut out feeding and protect exposed plants. Air drying, oven drying, sugar and salt and freezing can all be used to preserve your herbs together with blended butter, flavoured oils, or vinegars, Lynda brought along samples to taste!

Let’s hope for a good entry in the ‘herbs in a vase’ at the Flower & Produce Show in September!

The next event for the Club is Saturday 1st June. Please let us have any plants for the Village Fete for our stall, these can be dropped off at the entrance to the Coal Path field at 1.30pm or to any committee member beforehand.

The next meeting will be June 6th in the Parish Hall with Richard Cripps with a hands-on talk about cuttings – both soft and hard wood.

The first trip for the year will be to Abbotsbury on June 27th.

If you would like to come along to the meetings you are most welcome.

Check out the village web page for details.