NPT update November 2012


There were several reports of mud on the road causing vehicles to slide on the slippery conditions.  If you come across roads in these conditions please report it to the police and Highways Department at Wiltshire Council.


A report was received regarding possible hare coursing.  It appears to be a popular time of the year for this type of activity.  If you witness this type of offence then please contact the police.

Unsolicited calls were made to a household where the person was attempting to sell bathrooms and associated accessories.  The householder took the correct steps by NOT giving any personal information to the caller.  So please do not give your bank or other personal details over the telephone or to persons selling door to door.


A cow was reported to have been killed on a farm where a puncture wound was located on the side of the cows neck.  This was the second incident of its’ kind at the same location. Police investigations are ongoing.

A Mitsubishi Warrior pickup was stolen from the Westbury White Horse Area. The vehicle was securely parked at the time and was stolen in daylight hours.

Two vehicles were tampered with in a car park on the same evening and the door locks damaged and entry gained.  A transformer was stolen from one of the vehicles.

Car owners are reminded that they should not leave valuables in their vehicles and to ensure that they are made as secure as possible.

Further reports were received regarding quad bikes riding on bridleways in the White Horse area.  Police and Wiltshire Council are looking at ways to deter this i.e. bollards/horse gates.


Officers received a report of persons poaching in Edington using dogs across fields.  Three males were located with dogs and the investigation is ongoing.

Approximately one hour later the Police received a report stating that a male was wandering around in Coulston asking residents for a lift to Westbury.  This male was white, aged in his early to mid 20’s and scruffily dressed.   On Monday 12th November 2012 the same male returned to Coulston and had been asking residents if they would like any tree cutting works to be carried out.

The NPT are encouraging the Community to keep reporting these incidents.


Darren & Luke