NPT – July update

Here is a summary of the incidents and crime that occurred in the last month.

In the Bratton area unknown persons have believed to have lifted a gate, leading to a field, off its hinges.  The property contained cattle and also houses vintage fire engines and cars.  Also alloy wheels and tyres were stolen from a car port (7 wheels and tyres and 4 wheels without tyres).

At the Westbury White Horse, a Classic Mercedes soft top car was stolen and in another incident a vehicle was broken into by breaking the lock and taking a bag containing a purse from the foot well.

Two dogs ran towards a child and began to bark at her.  The dogs did not bite the child, but advice was given to the owners.  Another incident was reported where two Weimaraner type dogs ran up to a family and began to eat the contents of the families picnic.


In the Edington area, unknown suspects have fly tipped rubbish on the Salisbury Plain.

Also a vehicle which was securely parked sustained damage to the off side wing mirror, leaving it hanging by the wires with damage to the support arm.

The mirror was folded in, whilst parked in a layby away from passing vehicles.

An attempt dwelling burglary occurred where the offenders have attempted to force open rear door causing damage to door frame.

A vehicle was damaged where an implement was used to slash both near side tyres of the  vehicle parked in public lay-by.

No other vehicles parked nearby have been damaged.

There was a report of dog which was not kept under control and managed to enter the public highway.  The dog then attempted to fight with another dog.

Advice was given.

In Coulston, a Kawasaki Mule which was parked on  the driveway outside the victims property, and was stolen.  The vehicle was worth £7000-£8000.

The NPT are asking the Community to be extra vigilant as we are seeing an increase in rural crime.  When out please insure that your vehicle is locked and any valuables removed.

Also please report all persons or vehicles found in suspicious circumstances, noting the registration and description of the persons involved.


Darren &Luke