WI September meeting

Edington and Tinhead WI

Congratulations to Anne Tottingham, Anne Isley and Jackie Pike for coming 2nd in the WI Dilton Quiz pipped to the post by just ½ a point.

September is the time when hedgerows are brimming with fruit. Our September speaker, Lyn Blythe a herbalist, showed us how to preserve these treasures in the form of vinegars, teas, oils, infusions and tinctures.

No more trips to the chemist for minor complaints, now we are armed with what nature has provided.  Elderflowers combat hay fever, lemon balm aids sleep, hawthorn berries are good for heart complaints, elderberries are anti-inflammatories and, if used as a tincture, relieve pain from shingles, but if made into a syrup are good for colds and sore throats.   The humble dandelion leaf aids digestion but also relieves joint pain and cystitis, whilst nettles, which are high in vitamins and minerals particularly iron, act as a natural antiseptic.  These are a few of the remedies we learned about but there are plenty more!

Our next meeting is on Tuesday October 9 at 7:30pm when Ted Lloyd Jukes from Coulston will be talking from experience on “Life In The Lords”.