WI news for September 2019


Edington and Tinhead WI                                                                                               10th September, 2019

Discomforts of 18th Century Bath (Dickon Povey)


Dickon is not only a Bath Tour Guide but also works for the Jane Austin Society. Based on his extensive knowledge and research on all things Bath-related, he was able to deliver a lively,  informative and unusual overview of 18th century Bath.

Encouraged by the patronage of Queen Anne, Bath developed into the most fashionable place both to see and to be seen by the luminaries of the age. The practice of Taking The Waters was prescribed to cure anything and everything from scrofula to infertility!

In many ways the description of the very prescriptive activities undertaken by the rich, the famous and the wannabees during the Bath season was not dissimilar to I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here. In conclusion, we were unanimous in our gratitude for being born in the 20th century!

Next month’s Meeting is on 8 October and is Ceri cheese from Brinkworth  Nr. Malmesbury.  Wiltshire is known a county of chalk and cheese. Come and hear about how they make the cheese using milk from their own cows, we are promised lots of tasters . Visitors Welcome