WI May meeting

Edington & Tinhead WI Resolutions (14th May, 2019)

The 105,000 selections cast by members this year were shortlisted to six. Of these, the top two were circulated for debate at the local level;

  1. Don’t Fear The Smear
  2. Decline in local buses.


Dr.Hattie Collingwood gave us an enlightening and informative overview of the issues relating to the alarming, and increasingly, low uptake of the smear test generally but by younger women in particular. I/4 women skip their cervical screening, increasing to 1/3 among women aged 25-29 and only 1/2 in the most deprived areas. There appears to be a combination of embarrassment and ignorance. The NHS has highlighted the need for better access to screening services coupled with improved awareness of the vital role of screening in cancer prevention. The members of the Edington and Tinhead WI unanimously support this resolution and thank Dr.Collingwood for her clear and succinct message.


Joy Frasier gave a very clear account of the extent and benefit of the service provided by the  Community Bus. It was evident from the members present that this is a well used and well regarded service. We also recognised that in many ways we are in a privileged position in that not only do we have a personalised and creative Community Bus but also a continuing, if diminishing, local service. This, however, does not reflect the national picture. We agreed that the Government and LAs should work in partnership with bus companies and community operators to enable adequate transport provision. The membership present unanimously support this resolution and thank Joy for her contribution.


Next Meeting   Tuesday 11 June 7.30 The Parish Hall

Topic is 5 ways to stay healthy by Claire Gregory  Visitors Welcome