WI January meeting

At our January meeting, Roy Zaman  gave a fascinating talk about his time in Fiji.  Accompanied by Sue ( our Treasurer) he spent three years  as Casualty Notifying Officer.  There are 2000 Fijian soldiers in the British  Army, and as an ex army officer, Roy was responsible for supporting  familes, and breaking news of death or injury . He was moved by their response – they always thanked him for breaking that news.   He set up support systems and a branch of the British Legion for retired soldiers.   As Fiji consists of 300 islands, he often had to travel considerable distances .

In describing his work, Roy was able to cover  history, geography, politics and social history, in what proved to be a very entertaining  evening.  Did you know that ”Fiji” should be called “Viti”?  Captain Cook was rather deaf and misheard the name!

Next month, there will be a guest speaker after our short AGM.

Due to the Parish Hall renovations, February and March meetings will be held  in Coulston Village Hall.