Saturday 4th April 2020

Edington homes join a teddy bear hunt, from behind their windows

Inspired by the children’s book, ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’, by Michael Rosen and Helen Oxenbury, teddy bears have been popping up in our village windows and in homes around the world. This is a bear hunt trend with a difference. It’s a lockdown activity, as many of our own village children embark on what would have been their Easter break from school. And it’s not just for kids. You too can take part, even without leaving your house.

To join the adventure, simply place a teddy bear, or stuffed toy, on your windowsill, to be spotted, admired and tallied by passers-by who have left their homes under current guidelines.

The cuddly toy doesn’t have to be in your window, maybe you think it’s more eye-catching elsewhere, perhaps in your garden. Maybe even change the theme of your teddy every now and then, to amuse isolated walkers – with a twinkle in your eye. Wherever you place your teddy, it’s a great way to spread a bit of cheer and humour around our now quietened streets. Think of it as a virtual ‘bear-hug’ and wave to others in our community.

This growing trend encourages a fun and safe activity for local children in lockdown, hunting and counting teddies, as they go about their walks with household members and maintain a safe 2 metre distance apart from others.

“Kinda makes me feel like a detective, while walking with my family,” says Henry Miller of Edington, age 10.

Some teddy bears, waiting to be discovered, may be sharing the spotlight with recent rainbow pictures that have established themselves as a sign of support, and encouraging a smile, during the coronavirus pandemic.


How many Edington teddies can you spot?