Parish Council News September 2018

Farewell  Sandie Lewis resigned from the council at the September Meeting . Sandie has been an energetic enthusiastic member of the council and will be sorely missed. She apologized  for unfinished work but unfortunately will be leaving the village a lot sooner than she expected.  Her departure will leave a vacancy on the council.

Edington Neighbourhood Plan  A meeting will be taking place  in October with the leads of the working groups to prioritize needs identified . If you would like to be more in involved with the process contact Liz Pike 830684 . It is a village plan not a council plan so your views matter.

Parking Our local police will be monitoring parking over the next few months so if your car is obstructing the highway or too close to junctions you may get a ticket. You have been warned.

Road Safety issues The council have noticed that painted slow signs on the roads are fading and we will be raising this with county council to get them repainted

Best Kept Village As previously reported we came second in the county only 4 points behind Biddlestone. Several  villagers have asked what was in the official report so here it is;

Judging took place on 13 July a beautiful sunny day highlighting just how special each village was.

Each of the 4 villages had key communal areas demonstrating strong community spirit, be it a church, village hall, village shop or pub, recreation ground, and engagement of local residents to help maintain their village to the best of their ability. We were impressed with the lack of litter and fly posting in the villages showing a strong sense of pride in the local area. It was a pleasure to visit all the villages.

All villages were all maintained to such an impressive standard it was very difficult to separate them.

Congratulations go to all of those who worked together to provide such excellent outstanding results.

Second place: Edington   86 points

As we drove up to park at the car park for the 14th century priory church we were immersed in the beautiful smell of honeysuckle, a wonderful flora greeting to the village. The church accommodates the 14th century stone tombs and figures from the Imber church, the judges couldn’t think of a more suitable location. There was an excellent pictorial village map placed in a strategic location making it very easy to navigate the village, a lovely way to present the village. Edington has a busy road running through the village and is divided into 2 residential communities but it manages to retain a tranquil atmosphere. The hub of Edington village has the local farm shop and pub, they were extremely busy when the judges were there, clearly thriving businesses the village can be proud of. Unfortunately the notice boards were a little sparse the day the judges were there with few activities being advertised. However residents had clearly taken this opportunity to show their lovely village at its best as there was no litter to be found and the verges were well maintained.

It was just bad luck that you found yourselves facing some unusually tough opposition in this year’s competition. It was incredibly difficult to choose a winner this year and I’m sure Edington will come top in the coming years.

Next   Parish Council Meeting is 8 October  , 7.30 at the Parish Hall . All villagers welcome to attend