Edington Parish Council news for May 2017

Recent Elections : The Parish Council was Elected unopposed  and Mr Christopher Johns was appointed to the casual vacancy

Our County Councillor Jerry Wickham was congratulated on keeping his seat

The following responsibilities for the coming year were allocated

Councillor Role(s) Contact number
Mike Swabey Chairman, Westbury Area Board and Westbury Community Area Liaison 830043
John Pollard Vice Chairman, ERLAC (Edington Recreation and Leisure Activities Committee) and Village Website 830441
Malcolm Wieck Clerk 830256
Pauline Dorgan Playfield 830013
Emily Greening Highways 830248
Chris Johns Footpaths 831197
Bob King Planning 830223
Sandie Lewis Health 830722
Geoff Lupton Police Liaison , Neighbourhood Watch, Village Pond 831398
Helen O’Donoghue Civil Emergency Plan 830501
Liz Pike News contact ,Village Burial Ground and Taylor Trust 830684
Chloe Watts New Comers Co-ordinator 830600


Village Pond. Jennifer Powell, a Trainee Quantity Surveyor for Wessex Water, will be presenting a cheque for £1000 from the Community Grid Award scheme, at the pond at 10.30am on June 5th.   All welcome .

After the presentation it would be nice if we could have a mini picnic subject to the weather of course.  Our thanks go to Geoff Lupton for his work in securing the grant. We shall now be able to plant shrubs around the pond to attract insect life and oxygenating plants to keep the water breathing and say good -bye to the green algae which currently flourishes. Anybody interested in helping maintain the pond please contact Geoff

Fly Tipping : the rubbish dumped on long hollow has  been removed . There was enough evidence within to identify the owner and a prosecution will follow.  Please be aware that there are unscrupulous dealers who offer to remove unwanted waste at very reasonable prices only to dump it rather than pay the landfill fees. If the Fly tipped rubbish is identified the householder as well as the contractor are eligible for heavy fines.  Please double check license if using contactors. If a deal looks too good it probably is.

Litter Bins:  The parish council have agreed to purchase 4 new litter bins to be placed where Dog fouling is a problem.

Parking: The problem around the Village Green is now  dangerous . There have been some near misses recently where cars have no visibility coming out of Court Lane. There is insufficient space left for emergency vehicles  and farm vehicles are unable to pass with silage hay and corn harvests all coming up access to the farms is essential. Blocking a highway is a bookable offence. We have passed our concerns onto the police.

Bonfires and BBQ’s :   Most of us like playing with Fires and with the charging for green bins more villagers are burning their unwanted green waste. However bonfires can be a major irritation for neighbours. Please be considerate and only light up after 6pm and  check the wind direction as we have a number of thatched cottages in the village.

Best Kept Village  Judging  takes place the first few weeks of June so please pick up any litter and keep your verges tidy. The marking is largely around public spaces including bus stops and benches and road side verges not within private gardens. With your help maybe we can improve on 3rd this year.