Parish Council News for February 2021

The Parish Council has now set its budget at £15,500 for the coming financial year. This will mean a band D property owner will pay an increase of £7.27. This is necessary to finance the increasing demands put on councils. Your money covers the costs of maintaining the playing field, Monastery Road car park, burial ground and all pubic green areas. We are also now required to survey all large trees and pay a proportion of the costs of road improvements such as road markings, signage and changes to speed limits and expect more responsibilities to be transferred as the County Councils will struggle to make ends meet following the cost of corona virus.

The recent tree survey has resulted in remedial work on several trees including felling one tree in the playing field as it was deemed unsafe.

We have recently heard that the Bratton and Edington’s request for the speed limit to be reduced to 40 mph on the B3980 between the villages has been approved. Hopefully this will make this stretch of road safer for pedestrians. The parish cost will be shared between the villages. We have already had approval for 20mph on Lower Road and Tinhead Road in the County Council’s 22/23 budget.

Road Closures

Closure of: Greater Lane, Edington Wiltshire Council hereby gives notice that on 5th March 2021, the following length of road shall be closed to all traffic in the interests of public safety to enable Wiltshire Council to carry out Carriageway Reactive Patching and associated works, Greater Lane, Edington; from its junction with Lower Road to its junction with B3098 Westbury Road.

Pavement improvement work ­ is due to start in Monastery Road on Thursday 25th February and will run until Wednesday 3rd March between 07.00 and 17.00 each day. This is to enable Wiltshire Council to repair and improve the pavement between the Church and the bend before The Weir junction. During this time the road will be closed between the Church and The Weir.

Footpaths are very muddy at the moment so please take care when walking them. Hopefully March will prove a little dryer. Dog owners please pick up after your dogs as the mud makes their deposits moor hazardous.


  1. The following applications have been received: –
    1. 21/00264/TCA T1 Walnut – prune all over by 2m to manage size next to highway and driveway; T2 Gingko – prune all laterals over the garage roof by 2m to minimize damage to garage at Edington Cottage 2 Inmead for Mr Phil Threlfall
    2. 20/11615/VAR Variation of Condition 2 of 19/06212/FUL – to substitute the approved drawing numbers with new application drawings to reflect alterations at Ashton View 5 Longlands Close for Mr & Mrs Parmley
    3. 20/11633/FUL Removal of existing outbuilding and the erection of 3 no. dwellings, with associated access, parking, turning, landscaping and private amenity space; erection of associated cartshed. Blocking up of existing access at Land at Greater Lane Farm, Westbury Road for I and D Smith