Parish Council news for April

The Edington Parish Council would like to thank all of those villagers who have volunteered to help others in this ongoing “unusual” situation. We have received offers from 55 villagers to assist and as of the middle of April have had 18 calls to the village help line. I know from the numerous conversations with villagers everyone is looking after their neighbours where possible hence the low number of calls to the help line. Who knows what the future may hold and the help line will continue to operate until life returns to something more resembling normality. If you require any form of assistance please ring the help line and we will endeavour to ensure that your needs are met.

If you have ventured into the playfield you will have noticed that the play equipment has been taped up to stop people using it, this was undertaken as part of the government requirements to impose social distancing. Once the restrictions have been lifted we will have a safety check carried out on the equipment and then reopen them for children to use.

The response from the village on Thursday evenings has been fantastic, the support for all of the people helping us in these times is something that we can all be proud of and long may it continue. Remember Thursday evening at 8 o’clock is thanking time for all of the NHS staff, the many volunteers and the essential workers who are seeing us through this time.

When you have been walking around the village during your permitted exercise period or driving to collect your essential supplies you may have noticed some additional white lines have been painted on the edge of the B3098 between Monastery Road and Longlands Close, there has also been a number of 30 signs painted on the road surface. These additional markings have been paid for by the parish council to act as an additional indicator to drivers that there is a 30mph limit on the road and the white lines along the edges are to give a visual indication that the road is narrow, hopefully they will make an impact on motorists and we will see a reduction in the speed of traffic. The parish council are still actively pursuing the introduction of 20mph limits on many of the village roads and we are awaiting a report from Wiltshire Council on the viability of the introduction of these limits. Further updates on the 20mph limits will be given when we receive the information from Wiltshire Council.

Until the situation changes parish council meetings will be held online and the dates of meetings may also change, please check the village website for forthcoming dates of meetings. If you wish to attend a virtual meeting please contact the parish council via the parish council page on the village website and we will arrange for you to be able to attend the meeting.

In the meantime please keep safe, keep looking after your neighbours and remember if you require any assistance then please contact the help line to assist you. Telephone 07933143021.

Keep smiling and safe.

John Pollard

Chair Edington Parish Council