Parish Council news for April 2021

Parish Council Elections in May. The Wiltshire Council have received 11 nominations for 11 places this means Edington have a full council and will not need an election. A list of councillors and the roles they will be undertaking will be published next month.

Elections for a County Councillor to represent us on Wiltshire Council will still be taking place on 6 May. If voting in person please wear a mask and bring your own pen .

Edington Covid 19 help line is being suspended as it has not been used for several months and the prevalence of the disease is decreasing. If you require practical help please contact The LINK who may be able to help. If you are in financial straits because of covid we still have funds that may help which are held in the Tubbs Charity. The application form is on the village website.

The council would like to take this opportunity of thanking all the volunteers who stepped forward to offer help plus all the friends and neighbours who supported fellow villagers. We are so fortunate to live in such a caring village.

Playfield. We are continuing to have problems with owners bringing dogs into the children’s play area . This is putting children’s health at serious risk. Thank you to villagers who are challenging dog owners. We appreciate most offenders are visitors but a few villagers have also been spotted.

Dogs. More people now own dogs many of which are young and not fully trained. Our surrounding countryside is beautiful and lovely to walk in but is a working environment. Attacks on livestock by dogs has substantially increased this year so please keep your dog on lead unless well trained. Diseases carried in dog faeces is known to cause miscarriages in cattle and illness in other livestock so please clear up after your pet even in a field and take poo bags home with you.

Lighting in Parish Hall Car Park. We are thankful to the Area Board for a grant towards this. The lights are now on order.

Salisbury Hollow We are negotiating with the County Council for improvements in Salisbury Hollow which has been seriously eroded by weather and off road vehicles. Hopefully work should start shortly.

Change of speed limit from 50 to 40 between Edington and Bratton should be in place soon.