Parish Council news – April 2015

Best Kept village competition   Judging of this competition is during May and June. Last year we came second, with your help we might come first. Please keep your verges tidy and pick up any litter you see. Dog owners pick up after your dogs. If you see anything amiss, contact the parish council. Thank you.

Dog Fouling  this is the most common complaint we receive. The areas at the bottom of Inmead  and the entrance to Wier field by the pub, are particularly bad. Both of these are near litter bins . Dog fouling  is an offence as well as a nuisance, We do not want to call in a dog warden but if the few that persistently fail to clear up after their dogs do not mend their ways we may have to result to this.

Garden Waste Collection
Anyone wishing to sign up to garden waste collections should do so before 17 May to receive service from 15 June.

Ducks  the Ducks on the pond have multiplied and are beginning to be a nuisance to surrounding houses and businesses . We feel that the number of ducks is now excessive to the area of pond available and so we plan to reduce the duck population to a maximum of four. Many villagers enjoy feeding the ducks, unfortunately the uneaten food is attracting rats and other pests, please be mindful of this if you intend to feed them.

Newcomer Packs  Chloe Watts and Jackie Hiscock have delivered welcome packs to newcomers to the village for many years. Jackie has now retired, we would like to thank her for all her hard work. Chloe is happy to continue making up the packs but needs your help; we had 30  Newcomers last year.  Can  villagers notify Chloe if you have a new neighbour so nobody misses out.  We feel it would be more personal if a near neighbour delivered the pack so if you would like to assist please contact Chloe tel 830600


(i) 15/02585/TCA  Yew tree – 30% reduction, shape and deadwood at The Grange, 4 Inmead for Mrs Rhona Atterton

(ii) 15/03022/TCA  1.Sycamore 15m plus tall, canopy 5m in radius to be felled. 2. Ornamental Cherry tree approximately 7m tall, canopy diameter 4m – fell. 3.Ornamental Cherry tree approximately 7m tall, canopy diameter 4m- reduction to reduce overhang; at 1/2 Charlton Hill for Mrs Anne Ilsley

 Next meeting Monday 11th  May 2015 at The Parish Hall at 7.30pm.  Visitors welcome.