NPT update June 2013

Here is the Parish report for June 2013.


-3 males were disturbed, mid afternoon, on an allotment where they were attempting to remove a wooden box from an insecure shed. The box was dropped and they absconded.


A catalytic converter was cut from a vehicle parked on the Lower Westbury Road, using a grinder.

-A vehicle window, parked near the White Horse, was smashed and a satchel,  containing a wallet; bank cards; vehicle and house keys, were stolen.

-An attempt was made on a second vehicle, by trying to force doors and windows, but entry was not gained.

-A burglary occurred at a stable yard where padlocks were cut to gain entry to the tack room.  Fuel from a generator and keys were stolen.

-The same stable was burgled again two night later, by the same means.  Valuables had been removed after the first break and nothing was stolen.

-A second stable nearby was also entered on the same night.  Tea/coffee, biscuits and pork pies were stolen from a fridge. No tack was stolen.

-Also on the same night a nearby garden shed was burgled and a strimmer was stolen.  Once again a padlock was cut.

-A second shed was burgled nearby, on the same night.  Nothing appears to have been taken on this occasion.

-Sadly, yet other sheds, on a nearby premises, were burgled on the same night and a large quantity of power tools, generators, compressors and saws were stolen.  It appears that the same offenders were responsible for the burglaries.

Police investigations and NPT patrols ( with other units)are being carried out to identify the culprits and to deter further occurrences.


-A catalytic converter was cut from a vehicle parked on the Westbury Road.  On this occasion it appears that a hacksaw was used.

-Two males were disturbed whilst attempting to break into a vehicle at the Old Station Yard and they absconded.


-A barn in a remote location was burgled by breaking the asbestos wall and stacking property outside.  However, the offenders  were disturbed and the property was left on site.


-A club house was burgled by means of breaking a glass door and stealing cash from a ‘fruit machine’ in the bar area.

-Theft of cash from a ‘pay and play’ box occurred several days later from the same premises.


As can be seen from the report, this is the time of the year when we experience a spike in the number of crimes reported.

All residents are encouraged to remain vigilant and to report any suspicious sightings of persons and vehicles in the area.

All valuables should be kept out of sight and secured as best as possible.  Marking of property is strongly recommended.


Luke & Darren.