News from Wiltshire Councillor Jerry Wickhamm

Are you confused about what can go in your blue-lidded recycling bin?

Wiltshire Council has to achieve a target of 50% of the county’s waste being recycled and we all need to do our bit. I am however aware that there is confusion on what can and can’t go in the blue lidded bin.

Basically cardboard and plastic bottles can be placed in these bins but presently other types of plastics either have to go in the household waste or some can be accepted at a Household Recycling centre. However, the following plastic bottles can be included:

·        Washing-up liquid, bleach and fabric conditioner

·        Cooking oil bottles

·        Drinks bottles e.g. still water bottles, fizzy drinks bottles

·        Juice, squash or cordial bottles (not cardboard containers)

·        Milk and yoghurt drinks bottles

·        Shampoo, conditioner and hand wash bottles

However the following cannot be included presently:

·      Food trays such as oven-ready or microwave meal trays, cream or margarine tubs and yogurt pots and Meat or fish trays

·      Plastic packaging

·      Plastic bin liners and Plastic carrier bags

·      Plastic packaging *

·      Waxed or aluminium coated cartons such as Tetra Pak e.g. soup cartons, food cartons *

·      Plant pots *

* These items will be accepted at our nearest Household Recycling Centre

 In terms of cardboard all of the following can be added:

·      All grey and brown cardboard such as cereal boxes, egg boxes and ready meal sleeves and Food packaging boxes and Pizza boxes

·      Brown paper and Cardboard boxes and Corrugated cardboard

·      Greetings cards and Paper based wrapping paper (but not the foil kind) Shoe boxes, Shredded paper and Toilet and kitchen rolls

Wiltshire Council is currently in the process of determining how waste will be collected from Aug 2017 onwards, when a number of contractual arrangements end. At that time, the types of plastics collected will be greatly expanded beyond the present arrangements. In the meantime, if there are any queries or further information required please have a look at or contact Wiltshire Council on 0300 4560102


Jerry Wickham

Wiltshire Councillor

Portfolio Holder for Waste