Gardening Club news for May 2019

On the 2nd. May the Garden Club held the A.G.M. at the newly refurbished village hall. This was well attended with the promise of cheese and wine which may have been an incentive.

The present committee was re-elected with Jacky Hiscock as our Chairman. It was  mentioned that the treasurers position should be held by the same person for five years only and as John Pollard has been doing an excellent job for at least as long as that, we shall be looking for a new treasurer. Please do consider this role.

Our formal meeting was soon over then Lucy Bates a local florist and member of National Association of Flower Arrangement Societies (NAFAS) took to the floor. Lucy mentioned that it was most important to condition the flowers and foliage and how it is now frowned upon to use green oasis for our arrangements as it contains chemicals and doesn’t decompose. There is now a brown version which is biodegradable.

Lucy went on to tell us to use foliage for texture in our arrangements and that some flowers are now genetically modified to get different colours, purple carnations are an example.

We were kept entertained by flower arrangements being produced with the theme of Opera goes to the Movies, one being The Shawshank Redemption, the arrangement being made with that in mind. The next theme being Pretty Woman with a tall display featuring red flowers. Then it was the film Brassed Off with a tall container used to arrange white lilies and yellow roses. In every case the music was played from the film in question. Then the film Amadeus, again a large arrangement with leaves sprayed rose gold and container to compliment with purple lilac. Cut your lilac whilst held in water for them to last.

We had a very interesting and musical evening with the benefit that Lucy left the arrangements to be raffled at the end of the evening. There must have been four homes in Edington with wonderful flowers for the bank holiday weekend.

Do visit our garden club stall at the village fair on June 8th. There will be plenty of plants for sale followed at the end of June for an evening visit for members and friends.

For more information, please contact our Chairman,                                          Jacky Hiscock   tel. 830133