Gardening Club News for March

We have all heard about climate change so at our meeting on March 5th we had Liz Read come to tell us how it may affect the gardener.

This is one subject that scientists mainly agree on, which is unusual.

It is estimated that West Country gardens will gradually get 3% warmer with a lot more storms and wind but we shall probably have a longer growing season. This may see us cutting our lawns all year but of course it may be brown during hot dry spells which may be more frequent. Apparently  the R.H.S. is experimenting by growing various plants to replace our grass lawns, there is always artificial grass if you are desperate to keep it green.

How about replacing your wind damage fence panels with a hedge instead, this could even help combat soil erosion after much heavy rain but also protect wild life. There is thought that due to the growing season moving there could be a problem with a mismatch of plants to wild life particularly with migrating birds who find their favourite food source is not available at the right time.

Have water buts to conserve water and don’t be surprised if your plants have more fungal problems. Happy Gardening.

Unfortunately we have had to cancel the April and May meetings due to the coronavirus outbreak. News about future meetings will emailed to members in due course and posted on the village website.