Gardening Club News February 2020

The first Gardening Club meeting for the year was held on 6th. February, it was so good to see lots of members and guests come on what was a cold night. They came to hear about the ‘Flora and Fauna’ on Salisbury Plain presented by Sharon Pilkington a botanist from Westbury.

The meeting was started by Jacky thanking Station Yard for a donation to the club. We hope there will be lots of attendees for the Village Fare on 13th. June where we shall have the usual plant stall and shall look forward to several garden visits arranged for the summer months.

Returning to Salisbury plain, we were informed that it is the size of the Isle of Wight divided into three sections all owned by the M.O.D.

Edington is on the edge of the Warminster range which is closed with very few footpaths. It is a site of special scientific interest containing chalk grassland and archaeology. There are several rare plants such as tuberous thistle and red hemp nettle also some disturbed areas useful for game species. The tank tracks make space for pools providing habitat for Great Crested Newts and fairy shrimps.

The central impact area of Larkhill range has longer grass supporting lots of butterflies and orchids, what a pity we cannot easily take walks to see.

The next Range is in the east, Tidworth and Bulford which contains shorter grass with dwarf sedge, burnt orchid and other rare plants also where the great Bustard has been introduced and is breeding. The cattle on the range are keeping the scrub down so are very welcome allowing other plants to grow.

March 5th. Will be our next meeting where we will learn about how Climate Change is and will be affecting the gardener.

Edington Parish Hall 7.30p.m.