Edington Parish News – November 2019

Housing Needs Survey – thank you to those of you who have already completed and returned the Housing Needs Survey delivered to you in early October, if you have filed it away to be done later please complete it and return it today before the deadline of November 5th. This survey provides the Parish Council and the Neighbourhood Planning group with information about what housing is required in the future for villagers along with information about the present housing in the village, without this information it is difficult to plan for the future.

 Road Matters :The Parish Council recently held a site meeting with Wiltshire Highways to discuss the problems created by lorries using Monastery Road and the damage that lorries are doing to the bend by the Weir junction. A number of suggestions were put forward at the meeting and we look forward to Wiltshire Council implementing them and repairing the damage done to the wall, more on this when we have confirmed details as to what will be done.

As part of the initial preparation to determine whether we can have a 20mph area to the north of the B3098 you may have noticed two rubber strip placed across the Lower Road these are to provide detailed information about the traffic use on Lower Road and by the time you read this you will hopefully have also seen them across Tinhead Road as well.

The patching repairs to Tinhead Road have been delayed due to the wet weather but we have been assured that they will be rescheduled in the near future.

As the clocks have recently gone back can we remind villagers of the importance of wearing something reflective when walking around the village in the late afternoon and evening. We do not have many street lights in the village and someone wearing dark clothing cannot be seen by a vehicle drivers.

The recent Boundary Review has now been published. The Wiltshire Council district of Ethandune will lose Dilton Marsh and Coulston and gain part of Westbury including The Ham.

Defibrillator training  Don’t forget the free training  in Erlestoke church on Monday 4th November at 7pm this is open to any resident from Edington.

Christmas The 3 Daggers have generously donated a village Christmas Tree again this year   . We are finalising arrangements for the annual Christmas tree lights turn on and carols, as soon as we have confirmed the date we will put it on the village website and notice boards

Bus Shelter  The bus shelter is having an up grade. Unfortunately some inconsiderate car owners are parking in front of it. This means buses cannot pull in so cause traffic jams and the elderly and frail have to squeeze past cars to access Bus. Buses run between 9 and 6 most days so please avoid parking outside bus shelter between these times


  1. 19/08730/LBC Replacement of ground floor north elevation window, timber framed windows on west elevation and general repointing of west elevation at Becketts House 19 Tinhead Road for Mr & Mrs Tim Ridd
  2. 19/06285/FUL New Velux roof windows at Orchard House 2B Lower Road for Mr David Pike

19/01925/PNCOU Prior approval of proposed change of use of Agricultural building to a dwellinghouse (Use Class C3) and for associated operational