At our meeting in May we welcomed John Hardman who was nominated in the May Parish Council Elections.

As this was our Annual Council Meeting we appointed roles of responsibility for the coming year.

Chairman John Pollard Vice Chairman Emily Greening

Planning Liaison Bob King Neighbourhood Plan Mark Burgess

Highways Liaison John Hardman Footpaths Chris Johns

Burial Ground Liz Pike Speed Watch John Pollard

Playfield Pauline Dorgan Civil Emergency Plan Helen O’Donoghue

Website John Pollard Newcomers Chloe Watts

News Contact Chloe Watts BA13+ and Health Liaison Helen O’Donoghue and Mike Swabey

Westbury Area Board and CATG John Pollard and Chris Johns

Police Liaison and Neighbourhood Watch Emily Greening

Website John Pollard

If you would like to contact any member of the Parish Council about any area of their responsibility their contact details are on the village website.

Please, please, please take responsibility for your dogs if you are a dog owner. Collect and take dog poo home or put it in one of the many bins around the village as it is a danger to people and animals. NO dogs are allowed in any part of the playfield. While near livestock with their young please keep your dog under close supervision. Thank you.

The three bouncing animals in the playfield will be removed as they are considered to be unsafe. We will replace them with similar safe play equipment as soon as possible. New nets have also been ordered for the goal posts.

Many thanks to the volunteer group who are working hard to improve many areas in our village.

We continue to wait for the work to be done on the surface of Salisbury Hollow. Suzanne Wickham, our Wiltshire Councillor assured us that work will begin as soon as possible but it depends on the weather and availability of staff who have been very busy with the needs of the pandemic.