Edington Parish Council report for July 2021

We held our June Meeting in Edington Parish Hall on Monday 14 th. June.

Planning permission has been given to Mr. Timothy Ridd to fell a red maple tree at Becketts House in preparation for the construction of an outbuilding and work to an existing barn.

Concern continues about dogs being in the playfield despite there being notices on all the entrance gates informing visitors to the field that they are not allowed into the field.

Harvest time is a time when many more farm vehicles will be on our village roads. Please drive with care and park considerately at all times.

The Parish Steward regularly visits the village to carry out tasks such as the cutting of triangles of grass and work to care for footpaths around the village. Please tell John Hardman if there is a task which you think is suitable for the steward on his next visit.

Suzanne Wickham, our Wiltshire Councillor, shared news of the forthcoming Strategic Planning Committee Meeting of the Wiltshire Council on 22 nd. June when all aspects of the changes proposed for the Northacre Energy from Waste Facility in Westbury would be discussed.

All the considerations and decisions of the meetings of the Parish Council can be found in the minutes of the meetings on our village website: www.edingtonwiltshire.org.uk. The website always has up to date news of all aspects of village life.