Edington Parish Council News – February and March 2023

The Parish Council have met in February and March and this report is combined from the two meetings.

Neighbourhood Plan. A first draft of the plan has been completed and submitted to Wiltshire Council for review.

Policing. The Speed Enforcement Officer has visited the village on a number of occasions recently. The data from our SID is going to be used in a pilot project by Wiltshire Police to enable them to target resources in speeding hot spots.

Highways and Footpaths. There will be a grit bin installed in Court Lane following a request by the residents. There will be discussions with highways representatives about concerns raised by residents about the Court Lane / Baynton Way junction. There will be legal notices issued by Wiltshire Council for the plans for double yellow lines at the junction of Long Hollow with Westbury Road and Tinhead Road these will be posted in the area of the proposed lines.

Well Dressing and Coronation Celebrations. These are being enthusiastically planned by various groups in the village.

Rewilding / Pollinator Project. This project is progressing well following meetings held by the Westbury Area Board members with Wiltshire Wildlife.

Edington Village Fete. This is being planned for 10th. June on the Coal Path Field.

Edington playfield enhancements. Since the village meeting back in September 2021 the Edington Parish Council have met with representatives of Three Daggers Operating Ltd. and their parent company to discuss the possible enhancement of the village playfield.

From the outset the Parish Council in their discussions have ensured that the wishes of the village are met and that the eventual outcome will provide a significant enhancement to the playfield facilities for the benefit of the villagers.

The discussions have been positive, but the representatives of Three Daggers Operating Ltd. have many other responsibilities around the world, so progress on finalising a deal can only be made consistently with their availability.

As soon as we have reached an agreement in principle on the proposals put forward by Parish Council we intend to publish this information on the village website. We will then hand the work over to the lawyers acting on behalf of the Parish Council for them to scrutinise the proposals and draw up the necessary agreements. Following on from this the proposals will be submitted to Wiltshire Council for planning permission.

From the beginning of these negotiations we have ensured that no costs will fall on the Parish Council for this work (including the work of our lawyers). The Parish Council will provide further updates when they are able to do so but they are bound by commercial confidentiality in these negotiations.

Annual Parish Meeting. All villagers are very welcome to attend this meeting on Monday 17th. April at 7.15 pm in the Parish Hall. Refreshments will be served before the meeting at 7.15 pm.

The many items discussed by the Parish Council at the meetings are recorded in more detail in the minutes which can be seen on the village website and the two Parish Council noticeboards in the village.