Edington & District Gardening Club – October News

We were delighted to have Peter Chmiel, debut winner of not only The Gold Medal but the Best in Show at Chelsea Flower Show 2021, at the October Meeting.

Peter who is a Landscape Architect with Grant Associates in Bath, was invited to China to Guangzhou, to do a Chinese garden for the Chelsea Show, together with Chin Chen. The concept was to be ‘Landscape Cities’ balancing the needs of people and wildlife and made resilient to climate change and biodiversity loss.

The Guangzou Garden was based on the city of Guangzou, a city of 16 million people which was heavily polluted. To the north of the city are the Mountains – the green lung, and to the south the Wetlands – the blue kidney, with the populous between – the social heart, on the Pearl River. However, the middle also has a thriving wildlife habitat brought into the city.

Quangzou has now become the main flower production base and distribution centre in China and is rated as an International Garden City.

Peter explained how the garden was a concept of ecological civilization through the landscape by cleaning the air and soil while innovative structures provide homes, social space, play and rest areas for both people and wildlife. The airflow from the living green wall was cycled through the water and the soil removing 98% of pollutants. The build itself was done over 3 weeks with 9 semi mature trees and over 4000 plants, and beautiful wooden structures. The garden had more water than any other garden ever built at Chelsea.

The recycling continues with the trees relocated to Bishopstrow and the garden going to Bristol Botanics.

At the November 3rd meeting Rupert Wade will be telling us all about pruning – small trees and shrubs.

Visitors are always welcome to come along to any of the meetings. The Village Web page has all the information on upcoming events.

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