Edington and District Gardening Club news for October 2018

Our meeting began with the sale of perennial plants and garden related objects, with the proceeds going to the Parish Hall Appeal Fund.

Our speaker for the evening was Adam Oakley from Garden & Estate Machinery at Frome. He came to Edington in 2007 and was bringing us up to date ten years on.

A new petrol, ready mixed, is now available and suitable for small garden equipment ride on mowers, strimmers, hedge trimmers and small tractors. Battery and electric machines can also be purchased and are more beneficial for health and the environment.

For a good finish on lawns etc maintenance keep the machines reliable, also blades must be kept very sharp. A kit can be purchased for D.I.Y. sharpening.

Customers have changed over the years- houses are built with small gardens, people have less time to do gardening. Although information is easily obtained from the internet, it is not always reliable. People expect the cheapest machines to do all the jobs. He finished by telling and showing us the smaller tools – saws, pruners etc.


Next month on November 1st, Sally Nex will talk on ‘Behind the Scenes at Chelsea’

Come along for an enjoyable, informative evening, non- members are most welcome.

Further details on 830133

(Names will also be needed for the Christmas Social at this meeting.)