Edington and District Gardening Club news for July 2018

Here’s hoping both you and your garden have been surviving the heat? If you’ve lost the odd plant, think of it as a great opportunity to try something new this Autumn!
In July we were treated to a talk by Catrinel Matthews our own local Grower Florist.
Inspired by Sarah Raven, Catrinel decided to begin a cutting garden and in 2003 she took on an allotment. She now grows at home in Edington.
Anyone can grow for cutting, whether for the house, for friends or as a small business. All you need to start is a sunny site,(for most flowers), some shelter, some watering capacity and good soil. Catrinel says feed the soil not the plants…..and plant with good compost. For cutting, rows are the easy way…..
Annuals from seed or plug plants are very easy ….many are good for cutting…ammi, scabious, nigella, tobacco plants, zinnia, rudbeckia,amaranth, phlox.
Perenniels are worth trying, such as alstroemeria (rhizome), chrysanthemums, astrantia, achelmilla mollis, euphorbia, asters, hellebores, peonies
Try Bienniels …… sweet williams, Iceland poppies, campanula
Or Bulbs spread the season from Feb/March onwards…..
It is important to cut flowers early morning or later evening when well hydrated….put them straight into a clean bucket of water. Use sharp snips to cut. Fabulous tip……rest them in shade away from fruit and vegetable (the nitrous oxide ripens flowers faster).
Plan for 60% foliage for a great display.
Why not have a go next season?
Remember…….. our lovely Plant and Produce Show on 8th September at Edington Parish Hall 2.30 pm. Great plants and handicrafts to see and Wendy’s wondrous cream teas and home made cakes to enjoy in the marquee. More information on the village website. 
See you there……
Sandie Lewis
Club Secretary