Heavenly Hostas, that was the subject of the last Garden club zoom meeting on July 1st.

We were zoomed by John Baker from Hampshire who told us they are the perfect perennial that originated from China in the wild but are found all over Asia with Hosta gardens in Japan, where they are often eaten in stir fry dishes. There are 1700 different varieties in John’s garden some with blue, variegated or yellow leaves. Europeans first saw them in 1690 and they were classified as a lily, this category has now been changed.

John has hanging hostas in pots on shelving along walls but they do like dappled shade and to be grown in rich soil which is well drained but moist with some slow release fertilizer, protect pots in winter, in the ground they should be o.k. where some can grow 4 foot in diameter but there are also mini varieties.

Most gardeners are aware of finding their plants with leaves resembling lace from slug and snail attack but we do have some forms of defence on the form of ordinary household items. When you make coffee save the grounds, add water then spray your plants this can also be done with garlic bulbs, crush the bulb, boil it up then use the liquid solution in a spray and don’t forget beer traps. Ammonia solution works well as do copper bands around pots.

There were eleven members who attended this meeting on zoom but next month we hope to meet many more members in person as the club is holding a garden party so please watch this space.

Happy Gardening.