Edington and District Gardening Club – February news

As I write this 16th February, I have been gardening for the first time with the warmth of the sun on my back. This might be a fluke, but by the time you read this we should have more good gardening days. Even if your soil is too heavy and the grass too wet to walk on, you can work from paths, tend your pots, and plan for the wonderful garden delights ahead. You might want to include something a bit more dramatic this year and at our meeting this month, we heard all about architectural planting from John Tucker, who treated us to an excellent slide show. His dry wit was a treat too!

He asks that we dare to be bold. This doesn’t necessarily mean large plants, but through shape, form and texture, even in the smallest plot. John’s sub-title for the talk was, “how to impress your neighbours without spending a fortune”! We liked this.

John suggested we made sure there was something bold to see when we look out from indoors – a very important point in our climate!  This could be a large perennial such as a cardoon or fennel plant; a palm or a fatsia, or something exotic like an olive or banana in a pot; or even a shrub such as a mahonia, which can be grown tall with the lower branches removed so that planting underneath can complement it. John also recommends grasses, particularly if clumps large or small can be repeated around the garden in borders or pots. Last but not least, John loves dramatic bulbs, especially alliums. If you buy large ones, you can add a few each year until you get the impact you want. He suggests 15 to a square yard for drama.

This year we have some great trips and inspiring speakers so do take a look at our page on the Edington village website. Our next meeting is on 2nd March when Richard Cripps’ talk is entitled “unusual vegetables and coping with the ever changing climate”.  On 6th April we have Roger Hirons telling us about unusual plants available to the British gardener. All our sessions are in the Parish Hall in Edington and all start at 7.30. Visitors always welcome and refreshments always available. Give us a call if you would like information or just come along.

Sandie Lewis, Club Sectretary 10380 830722