Edington and District Gardening Club – February News

Our February meeting was led by expert in vegetable growing, Rupert Wade from Lavington.


We agreed that we choose to grow vegetables mostly because they taste good and are fresher than we can buy. Rupert gave us some good tips on getting the most out of limited space and how to give the seeds we plant the best chance as they grow. Rupert suggested growing seeds in modules and planting them out into four foot wide beds, for ease of reach to the middle of the plot. It was suggested we do not over-dig, as we can damage soil structure….this was very welcome news! Instead we can mulch to about three inches deep with manure or compost from reliable sources. Don’t plant out too soon…let the soil warm up a little, then plant, water and watch them grow.

We learnt that many vegetable can be grown in containers as long as they are well watered. Especially successful are carrots and potatoes.

Even where space is limited we might have a small raised bed for strawberries or a fence up which we can grow squashes.

Rupert doesn’t use chemicals but prefers to let nature’s balance control pests and disease but he does net brassicas to keep cabbage fly away.

This was a very interesting evening, making us all keen to get planting with two final tips for the evening:

  • Keep a weather diary
  • Use a permanent pen. HB pencil or silver pen best to write on your labels. We have all learnt from experience that once the name is washed off it is very difficult to remember what has been planted!

Happy gardening.


Come along to one of our meetings or trips as a visitor. We usually meet on the first Thursday of the month at 7.30 pm in Edington Parish Hall. Look at the village website for more news or ring 01380 830722.