Edington and District Gardening Club – April news

As I write, Spring has sprung, the daffodils are over and the tulips are blooming and blossom is abundant. The gardening year is in full swing, all our new projects are underway  and currently the weather is kind if a little dry!

Those of you that couldn’t make the April meeting of Gardening Club missed a treat. Roger Hirons “The Plant Doctor”, is a horticulturist with formidable knowledge which he loves to share, so that we can get the best from our plants and our gardens. The theme of his talk was “unusual plants available to the British gardener”, and Roger brought along many specimens, which were for sale later at affordable prices. As well as being a tree and plant expert, Roger advises on garden ecology and talked about ways we can best utilise water in the garden as well as making the most of whatever site we have. He peppered his talk with lots of tips – for example, if you have a windy site, don’t use plants with yellow leaf margins. If you want variegation, make sure the lighter colour is inside with a green outside margin as these plants are more weather-tolerant. Also, whatever the weather, water the roots of your shrubs in September/October so that they are at their best in preparing for the next season.

Right plant, right place, is Roger’s key advice. If you want plants that like shade to spread all over your garden, give them shade in the first instance and let them spread later, once they acclimatise. If you love pot displays, and put a choice plant in the centre of the pot, keep it in a plastic pot and just bury it in the centre of the larger pot. That way, when you change the seasonal planting, you won’t disturb the root system of your choice plant and can move it up to a larger plastic pot every couple of years without harm.

There were too many tips to mention here ….why not come along to our meetings and learn more? Also take a look at our page on the village website to see about our lovely trips for the year and planned speakers to the Club.

In May our meeting is on Wednesday 3rd at 7.30pm, not the usual Thursday, due to the elections. This is our AGM. That is kept very short and is followed by fun and refreshments! Bring along your unidentified or sickly plant and we will try to help. For more information on all things gardening, come along or make contact.

Sandie Lewis

Club Secretary

Tel: 01380 830722 or 07764 576106 or email sandielewis@live.co.uk