Edington & District Gardening Club

Edington & District Gardening Club first Thursday in the month 7.00pm at the Parish Hall

Chris Wilde from Trowbridge Garden Centre gave a very good talk, not only on roses but lots of other topics too.

Chris brought along a selection of lovely plants which would all compliment Roses if grown with them. This season is about 3-4 weeks behind due to the cold so not many roses are out in flower yet. Look for good glossy leaves and plenty of air through the plant. Vitax plant guard or rose guard helps any problems. A good compost, peat free of course, should be used, and liquid seaweed for feeding.

Shrub roses are the most popular as they are multi flowering, remove the dead flowers as this allows repeat flowering. It takes rose growers 15 years to identify and introduce a new rose. Yellow flowering roses appear to be the healthiest and are good in shade, blue on the other hand are not so healthy.

Chris was very knowledgeable, being in horticulture for many years and spoke about other plants, pruning, growing, plant pots and diseases.