Edington Arts

This is for anyone who is NOT on any of the Edington Arts mailing lists!

We are undertaking a bit of research into the possible use of online ticket payment and booking. If you have been to any of our concerts in the past, or might attend one of our concerts next year, or the Choral Workshop, we wondered if you could be kind enough to send us an email with answers to the following four questions?

  1. If you had the option, would you use your credit or debit card to pay for tickets?
  2. If yes, would you prefer to do it by
    1. Phoning a member of Edington Arts
    2. By making the payment through our website, or
    3. Either
  3. If you answered no, please would you share your reasons with us?
  4. If you are happy to use your credit card, would you like to be able to book and pay for a numbered seat at the event at the same time through a secure online ticketing system such as TicketSource?

Please reply to anne@edingtonarts.org

Thank you all very much for taking the time, and for helping us!