Edington and Tinhead WI news for October


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 October NEWS

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 During the last 3 – 4 months we have been very busy.


In June,

We were shown the intricacies of underwater detecting with John Clarke a member of the Wyvern Historical & Detecting Society. Did you know that the word “grotty” comes from the coin “groat”?


In July,

Together with the Under 5 group, we held a coffee morning to raise funds for a new Children’s Hospice in Wiltshire. Lots of cakes were provided… mainly from the under five mums!

Sandra used money from an educational bursary to advance her already excellent watercolour techniques.

We visited Tracy Miller’s farm and just missed the birth of a newborn calf but were able to see it stagger to its feet. We saw some really lovely cattle and Tracy explained the whole working of the farm to us. We then returned to the hall for a lovely ploughman’s supper provided by the committee.


In August,

Stephen Smith stood in at short notice to talk about “Jack the Ripper”. It was a very interesting look at social history.


In September,

Katy England from Salisbury museum brought the Stone Age to Life in a very vivid and interesting way. She is an excellent speaker and we can recommend her.

Gradually over thousands of years life began to change, the weather became much colder then about 40,000 years ago homo sapiens arrived and were able to make more sophisticated  tools and use bone needle and thread of deer sinew, the Neanderthals died out, or did they, maybe they are in our genes?

At the meeting we sang Jerusalem and raised our glasses of bubbly to 100 years of the WI.

We also congratulated and toasted Joan and John Gifford for their 50th wedding anniversary.


We were invited to Bratton with other WIs for a fun skittles evening. Bratton won – was it a fix?!


Some of our members visited the Flower festival at Salisbury cathedral with a theme of the Magna Carta. It was an amazing sight to see so many flowers displayed in such inventive ways.


On the 16th September the date of the first WI being formed in Anglesey – a number of us joined with our local WIs – the Weavers group – at a meal and dance at Southwick. This was a very enjoyable evening.


We have had new members join and a few visitors over the summer months.


The autumn is a good time to join the WI as your fees will last until January 2017. The WI is what we make it. Do come along and support the very hard working committee.


You are welcome to join us at our next meeting on Tuesday October 13th    at 7.30pm when we will hear Nicholas Webb talking about the Founder of the “Save the Children” Fund, Eglantyne Webb.