Edington and District Gardening Club – May update

Our last meeting via Zoom again was entitled Happy Plants Happy Minds & Organic Gardening presented by Nicola Hope followed by the club’s A.G.M

Nicola a R.H.S. horticulturist has worked at Highgrove and Abbey House in Malmsbury spoke with us for an hour also showing us photos of the plants and gardens through the seasons.

The gardens she works in are grown in an organic way so she was encouraging us to have a No Mow May. This is in the hope that it will entice wild flowers in the lawn and provide food for pollinators, it also encourages the grass to develop deeper roots.

We all experience problems with pests, how about trying beer traps for slugs and planting flowers near your vegetables in the hope that the flowers will be more attractive to any nasties. Black spot can be a problem for roses so pick off the affected leaves but if the soil is kept in good condition it will help to alleviate this disease. Nicola told us the answer lies in the soil, so mulch, make plenty of compost, cutting up waste before it goes into the bin and use seaweed feed to nurture your plants. Nurture nature naturally, that is if the weather plays its part.

Our next meeting will be 3rd. June when Adam Pasco will tell us of colour throughout the year