Edington and District Gardening Club – January news

The first meeting of 2022 was held over Zoom due to the current Covid situation.

For those who missed it we were treated to a talk from Katherine Crouch, BBC Gardener of the year in 1999 for garden design, BBC Gardener of the decade 2008 and a Chelsea Gold Medal winner in 2013.

This talk was about Hardy Exotic Gardening and we started with a history lesson, way back before much travel was done, when all we had was the evergreens and greys in winter and the natural meadow flowers in the summer. As invasions, and trade routes opened and the expeditions began across the world, all kinds of spices seeds and later plants were brought back. Small greenhouses were introduced by Nathanial Ward to go on the open decks, in 1829 the Wardian Case continued until 1964 when more modern versions were made. The larger houses, Chatsworth, Crystal Palace and the botanical gardens around the country built large Paxton Greenhouses to house the dramatic tropical plants.

So many of our colourful garden plants today have originated from around the world especially South Africa and Asia. Truly tropical dramatic plants, palms, bamboo, or desert cacti are stunning but could quite easily be rather out of place in say a cottage garden, so some thought should be given where to place these spectacular plants. Put them in pots first and if necessary, put a large hole in the base to allow the chosen plant room to grow! A paper cut-out of the shape of the plant held up for perspective could also be done.

The committee will soon be putting together the programme for the next year (from June) so if anyone has a particular topic you would like covered or a visit to a specific place please let the committee know.

Next month’s meeting should be back in the Parish Hall, February 3rd opens from 7.00pm, starting at 7.30pm. keep an eye out for the posters. The speaker to be confirmed.

We would like to thank Station Yard Ltd for their kind donation to our Club.

Visitors are very welcome to any of the meetings. Check on the village web page for details.

Jacky Hiscock