Due to bad weather conditions, the team only managed 7 sessions this month out of the 10 that were organised.

We had a count of 1132 cars passing through our village during these sessions of which only 26 were recorded speeders,

24 will be receiving letters and 2 will be getting a visitation from their local NPT due to the high speeds through our village.

For the most part we tend to get a polite smile and wave from passers by, but there are times when people can be out right abusive, when this happens we don’t respond but simply smile and laugh it off. I even had a gentleman show me his bare bottom the other day which I thought was very nice of him (not).

If anyone is interested in joining our merry band of volunteers please contact Deborah Hinton on 01380 831029 or 0777 1663890 during office hours.