Edington and Tinhead WI News for June

Edington & Tinhead WI




If you had walked past Edington Parish Hall on the evening of Tuesday 14th June you would have heard a lovely sound coming from inside:  it was Sian Penlington succeeding in encouraging us to sing with our natural voice.   “Singing with the Natural Voice” is part of a nationwide organisation which promotes celebrating the voice you have been born with, rather than trying to train it to an ideal of perfection.  Apparently there are no wrong notes, just different ones!


After going through a warm up by doing some breathing exercises with face pulling and making some strange sounds, Sian then split us into 3 groups and we were singing 3-part harmony in no time.   We made a good sound and it was great fun.


Joan Gifford, who already sings in one of Sian’s two choirs – one in Bradford on Avon and the other in Devizes – was, of course, the natural choice to give Sian our heartfelt thanks for such an entertaining evening.


Meg welcomed a visitor who is about to become a new member and she also thanked all those who made cakes and helped with the tea tent at the Fair.  Special thanks to Tracy Miller for her show stopping Olympic themed cakes which were the centrepiece of the groaning cake table.


There are plenty of events on offer this summer ranging from a coach trip to Bucklers Hard to a Lace & Craft day and, in November, the Wiltshire Federation’s first Dinner and Dance, which is extremely good value for such an entertaining evening in prospect.


Our next meeting in July is our garden party starting at 7pm and then on 9th August we will hear about the “History of Knees Department Store” with Jonathan Knee.


All are very welcome.