News from Wiltshire Councillor Jerry Wickham June 2015

After the longest general election campaign in memory we now have the most “surprising” result in 25 years and one which the polls had absolutely wrong but we are now at least settled with a Westminster government for the next five years.  This will produce its own challenges for local government and we are still uncertain of the detail.  However, there is one aspect that is certain and that is that there will be less money available for local government. Therefore, those of us who work in County Hall will have to do more with less and do it more efficiently.  This will involve new ways of working but also the restructuring of a number of valued services for which we have no statutory responsibility.


Whilst driving around the area and as part of my responsibilities associated with waste and recycling, I often see recycling bins for plastic and cardboard (blue) with missing lids. We are aware that there have been some issues with these but if you are in this position, the lid can be replaced by Wiltshire Council free of charge. Basically, if the contents are left open to the elements, the cardboard becomes wet and soggy and cannot be recycled. If you have a damaged lid, please make contact by email or telephone 03004560102 and arrangements will be made to repair this. Likewise, if you still want to sign up for your green bin to be collected, there is now a charge of £40 per year. This can be completed by accessing or telephoning the number above.


Finally, we all are aware of the state of the B3098. Indeed I have mentioned it regularly in these articles and receive regular comment from residents. I was advised that this was due to take place this summer. However, recently I have been advised that this has been significantly delayed. Accordingly, I am escalating this since this is unacceptable due to the state of the surface in certain locations and the inherent danger.