September news

Fed up with speeding traffic through the village? Then we need you. We are looking for a co-ordinator to lead an enthusiastic band of speed watch volunteers. We only have the gun 1 week in 4 it’s not a lot of work, but without a co-ordinator we will lose our speedwatch. For more information contact Eric Mitchell Tel 01830 830582

We would like to remind car drivers to be mindful of other road users when parking. We are aware that our roads are narrow and not designed for the amount of cars we all now own, so your consideration is appreciated. There have been particular problems around the village green, making it very difficult for farmers trying to bring in the harvest.

While on the subject of Farms, dog fouling on agricultural land remains a real problem. Grass is a valuable crop; one farmer has been unable to use hay taken off this year, due to the level of pollution caused by dogs. Would you like to eat dogs mess? No, nor do cows. Please be responsible owners and bag it up and take it home with you, even if the fouling is in a field.

The local Police have reported a spat of daytime burglaries in the area. Please make sure you secure your properties before leaving for work, There has also been several incidents of hare coursing . If you see anything suspicious, please let your local police know. Your information is often crucial to apprehending offenders. Neighbourhood watch does work.