Parish Council News for May 2018

Roles for 2018 /19 were allocated at May’s meeting

Chairman  Mike Swabey

Vice Chairman   Liz Pike

Planning liaison   Bob King

Highways Emily Greening

Footpaths  Chris  Johns

Police liaison Neighbourhood watch, Speed watch and The Pond   Geoff Lupton

Website  John Pollard

Westbury Area Board and CATG    Mike Swabey

Newcomers   Chloe Watts

Civil emergency plan Helen O’donghue

News, Burial ground and Taylor Trust Trustee  Liz Pike

BA13 and Health Liaison  Sandie Lewis

Pond Over the last year a few people have put time and effort in to improving the Edington village pond, some wild ducks appreciated it and raised a brood. We also had small and successful party on the green next to the pond to raise money for the Air Ambulance.
The old duck house has gone (it was never used by ducks, rats maybe) and a small Island has been added for ducks to sit and enjoy the sunshine. A natural bank has been created on one side, with large rocks, peat, stones and some debris from the pond. This has enabled some natural plants to become established and the wildlife, frogs, newts and swimming insects seem to enjoy it. The water that fills the pond comes from the natural spring and is filtered from the land on the plain. This brings its own problems as many of the nitrates that are used on farm land are absorbed into the water and can give a cloudy/milky look to the pond. This doesn’t hurt the pond but looks odd. Over the next few months additional pond cover plants will be added to improve the natural bacteria and to reduce the cloudiness and the blanket weed that plagues all ponds. As we now have several people interested in the pond maybe we should create a maintenance work group. If you are interested email   Geoff Lupton
Playfield  sadly the tractor we put in a few years ago has not proved to be robust enough to withstand the hard use and vandalism it has received. It is the parish council’s intention to remove it before it becomes too dangerous. We are applying for a grant to help with a replacement, this time in metal; any donations towards its cost would be most welcome.

Car Parking This is a busy time for are farmers. Their job is being made a lot harder by inconsiderate parking, making access for tractors and heavy machinery such as ploughs difficult. Please leave enough space when parking, black spots are Long Hollow and around The Green.

Dog Fouling  The warmer weather has resulted in an increase in dog fouling . This is the villager’s most common complaint to the council. We know most dog owners are responsible citizens It would be appreciated by all if the few that do let dogs foul ,start using the bins provided.  Please remember fouling over agricultural land is also a biological hazard and should be picked up and bags taken home for disposal not just thrown away.

Best Kept Village competition   Judging is during May and early June   so keep up the good work. The village looks particularly attractive at the moment so thank you to all that have helped keep it  looking so nice