NPT update March 2013

This is the latest Parish report for March 2013.

Once again a relatively peaceful month.

 Dilton Marsh

Unknown suspect(s) have siphoned oil out of the IP’s outdoor oil tank

located attached to an out building towards the back of the property. Approx

1200litres taken.

A car was parked outside the owners house in Stormore at 1800 hours on  28th

February 2013. At 0815 hours on  1st March 2013 the  owner returned to her

car and found a large dent and scratches on the offside rear passenger door.

Any witnesses to this incident please call 101.


A vehicle was  seen to be loitering outside gate of property at early hours

of the morning.  Area patrols have been conducted and are continuing.

A female was walking her dog and it ran towards a male jogger and bit the

back of his leg. This did not pierce the skin but pierced through joggers

clothing. The owner was spoken to by the NPT..


At Westbury White Horse a male  reported that whilst walking his dog another

dog came up and attempted to attack his dog. They believed this dog to be

out of control.  Persons are reminded that their dogs should be under

control at all times when out in public.

Unknown suspects have gained access to a farmyard by breaking a padlock and

chain and stealing 6 x 2 metre lengths of metal.


On Salisbury Plain, unknown suspect(s)have gained entry to vehicle via

insecure passenger door  and removed handbags from the boot of the vehicle.

Property taken was a turquoise PVC rucksack type handbag containing a bright

pink purse, unknown amount of cash, various bank cards, two mobile phones,

keys a black and white tweed handbag containing a black purse, bank debit


The NPT would like the community to be vigilant to vehicles and people found

in suspicious circumstances , noting registrations or descriptions.  Also

can all valuables be removed from unattended vehicles while visiting the

local beauty spots and ensure that your vehicle is locked.


Darren & Luke