NPT Annual Report

The NPT priorities for the year have been set at the quarterly Neighbourhood Tasking Group (NTG)  meetings and have comprised of rural crime patrols; anti-social behaviour (ASB)and road safety issues.

The past year has been one which has been quite peaceful and this was reflected in the Crime Statistics for our sector.

The anticipated spike in rural crime, especially over the last summer, did not fully materialise in that only a few dwelling and non-dwelling burglaries and thefts were reported to the Police.   Regular rural patrols were carried out by the NPT, and will continue to be carried out,  as a priority, to deter crime in remote areas/farms and villages as a whole.  The NPT have also conducted many night time Operations to detect and deter rural crime.  We have worked with our partnership agencies in order to target repeat and volume crime offenders.

ASB has been kept to a minimum with reduced incidents being reported.  All villages report a reduction in this area.  Again the ASB patrols in all the villages will continue to be carried out, especially in the summer months when more residents are out and about.

Road Safety,  which encompassed speeding; dangerous or inconsiderate riding or driving; and the use of pavements or bridleways by vehicles remains a priority within the NPT.  A few reports are still being received in this regard and intensive patrols will continue in the villages; the White Horse area and the Salisbury Plains as a whole.  We have had some success in gaining funding through the Community Area Transport Group (CATG) to allow kissing gates and equestrian style gates on selected footpaths and bridleways in order to discourage and prevent motor vehicles using these routes.

Community Speed Watch (CSW) has played an important part in reminding motorists to adhere to the speed limits and helping to improve road safety.

We had several reports of dogs not being kept under proper control have resulted in livestock, including chickens, being attacked or killed.  The NPT conducted patrols and investigated allegations where persons responsible were identified.

The NPT would like to thank the members of Speed Watch, Neighbourhood Watch, Farm Watch, Horse Watch and the NTG members for their continued efforts and commitment to their communities.


Luke and Darren.